Acceptable Scores

Acceptable Scores for Handicap Purposes

  • It is anticipated that it will be mandatory for all Singles Competition Rounds in Authorised Formats be submitted for handicap purposes, subject to clarification about rounds played with Winter Rules in operation  [ 2 ]

  • Scores from team competitions and match play will not be acceptable in England initially, although this may change based on feedback from other jurisdictions that include those formats

  • The recommendation from England Golf is that scores from regular organised social events (Swindles and Roll-Ups) in authorised formats are submitted


  • Players are required to register their intention in the Pro Shop to submit a score from general (non-competition) play before commencing the round [ 3 ]

  • Scores submitted from general play are called Social Scores and are similar to the current Supplementary Scores

Minimum Number of Holes

  • Scores may be submitted over 9 holes or 18 holes.

  • All 9 holes must be played to submit a 9 hole score. Two 9 holes scores will be combined to produce one 18 hole score on the Scoring Record

  • An 18 hole score will count as long as 10 or more holes have been completed.  Holes not played are recorded as Net Par or (Net Par + 1), depending on the number not played [ 4 ]

Adjusted Gross Score

  • For handicap purposes a high score on any hole is reduced to Net Double Bogey, using the player's Course Handicap. Holes started, but not completed are also recorded as Net Double Bogey [ 5 ]

Score Differential

  • The Adjusted Gross Scores is compared with the Course Rating and is "de-sloped" to give the Score Differential for the round, which is added to the player's Scoring Record  [ 6 ]

Playing Conditions Calculation (PCC)

  • Determines if course and weather conditions on the day differed from normal to the extent that they significantly impacted players’ performance

  • Calculated using all scores submitted on the course that day, as long as 8 or more golfers with a Handicap Index of less than 36 and a fully developed Scoring Record played [ 7 ]

  • It is conservative in nature and can increase the Adjusted Gross Score by 1 in easy conditions or decrease it by 1, 2 or 3 in difficult conditions [ 8 ]