Angus Dow Retirement Best 2 from 4 Stableford

An absolutely fabulous day was enjoyed by all 120 players, 30 teams playing in a Shotgun start Best 2 from 4 Stableford. We were extremely nervous about having so many teams, 25 having been seen as pretty much the maximum you'd ever want for a shotgun start, but with the help of all playing, most teams completed their rounds within 4 hours 15 to 4 hours 30, very acceptable timings for such a competition.

The lovely winter sunshine helped of course although the intense winds, strong enough to make my own ball oscillate and then move sideways a couple of inches on one of the flattest greens on our course made life pretty difficult and undoubtedly affected everyone's scores. As always massive credit to Gareth Austin & our Greens staff for preparing the course in such a great condition, amazing job guys.

But basically, no one worried about the challenges on the course. We were there to help Angus celebrate his retirement after more than 35 years at SRGC. It was a superb occasion, with past & present Members & Guests chatting with Angus afterwards having enjoyed a lovely meal provided by Cris, Lys & their staff, and then listening to a number of entertaining speeches made by Club President Mr Neil McCorquodale, Club Captain Simon Mulvey, Club Chairman Adrian Stannard and of course Angus himself. I noticed quite a few Members who appeared to have "something in my eye" as Angus spoke warmly about the friends he'd made and the many experiences he'd had during his tenure, whilst commenting that 30 players out of the 120 playing today were already SRGC Members on his first day at the club in January 1985. 

During the speeches, Club Captain Simon Mulvey presented Angus with a PING golf bag and some PING vouchers, both donated by PING themselves, and informed Angus that monies raised at the event by entry fees and the raffle, along with a small subsidy direct from the club, will be used to replace Angus' golf clubs, since the irons he is currently using actually predate him joining SRGC!!

The competition results seemed fairly irrelevant given the reason we were all there, but for anyone interested, the full results can be seen here, Angus' own team earning a creditable 4th place. 

Thank you to everyone who contributed by playing, helping or just "being there" on the day, but most of all a huge THANK YOU to Angus for everything he has done for us, we wish you well in your ongoing business activities and know we will be seeing you around SRGC regularly both playing and helping out where you can.

Roger Green

Handicap & Competitions Chairman