COVID-19 : If you live in Tier 3


Impact of living in Tier 3 (very high) area for members and visitors to the Club    28/10/20

The Board has considered the issues faced by members in the areas of Nottinghamshire that had previously been identified as moving into Tier 3 on Friday and this message also takes into account the announcement that the arrangements having been extended to cover the whole of Nottinghamshire from 00.01 on Friday morning.

We have carefully read the guidance on GOV.UK and taken note of the guidance from England Golf and the Golf Course Managers Association. 

The Government guidance advises that anyone in a Tier 3 area should try to avoid travelling outside of the very high alert level area. Organised sport can continue to take place outdoors (with golf specifically mentioned) so all booked tee times including friendly, competition or club match golf can continue to be played as the event is organised through the booking of a tee time. 

It was also noted that the mental and physical health benefits of outdoor exercise are an important counter balance to the longer term impact of social isolation.

The Board have therefore taken the view that it is up to members and visitors from Tier 3 areas to decide whether they wish to visit the Club (providing that they have none of the Covid 19 symptoms)

If they do so they must park their car, go to the first tee area and maintain a group size of no more than 4. They can enter the Professional’s Shop provided that they wear a mask, hand sanitize and only go in one person at a time. Golf Buggies can only be used by a single person by all members and visitors unless both users live at the same address. If the halfway house is open it can be used as a takeaway facility provided customers use the hand sanitizer and maintain a safe social distance from staff and each other.  

After playing they must go directly to the car park using the designated route and leave the Club environs immediately. They cannot use the Clubhouse or patio area before or after their round. This is similar to the restrictions that we observed during the relaxation of the first lockdown earlier this year.

For all Tier 1 and 2 members, the arrangements are so far not changed as regards use of the clubhouse and other areas. 

The Board will continue to monitor the range of restrictions that are in place and may adapt and amend these arrangements as circumstances change but in making these decisions we have taken note of the support that members have shown to the Club over a difficult year for all.

Mike Heath, Secretary
On behalf of the Golf Club Board