August 2022
DayDate  EventCategory 
Mon1 South Lincs Junior League 12 noon  Greetham ValleyAway Match 
  10.00am to 11.00amSeniors v Worksop Home Match 
Tue2 Ladies Exchange   Market Harborough Away Match 
  11.00am to 12.00pmMarket Harborough Exchange Visitors 
Wed3 Midweek Stableford QC  Yellow markers 18S 54 H/cap 2 Divs Club Comp. 
   Seniors Trophy QC  Round 6, Midweek StablefordClub Comp. 
Thu4 Seniors v Peterborough Milton  9amAway Match 
  8.45am to 9.00amSociety  Lions GSVisitors 
  1.45pm to 2.00pmSociety  Lions GSVisitors 
Fri52.30pm to 3.30pmC team v Belton Woods Home Match 
  7.30pm to 10.00pmCaptains Presentation Evening Clubhouse 
Sat6 # Dave Joy Trophy - Stableford  18S 54 h/cap QCClub Comp. 
  12.00pm to 1.00pmSLGL B Team v Blankney Home Match 
  1.00pm to 2.00pmSociety  Yaxley BLGSVisitors 
  7.00pm to 11.55pmPrivate Party   Mr A GreenClubhouse 
Sun7 Monthly Medal QC/MT  18M 28 H/cap 2 DivsClub Comp. 
  11.00am to 11.35amSociety   Mr K SutherlandVisitors 
  12.30pm to 1.20pmSociety   Folkesworth GSVisitors 
Mon89.00am to 11.00amSeniors Medal Club Comp. 
Tue911.00am to 12.30pmHeadline EventLincs Girls U21 Open Championship General 
Wed109.30am to 10.30amSeniors v Stanton on the Wolds Home Match 
Thu11 Ladies Friendly v Radcliffe  10.30amAway Match 
Fri12 C team v St Neots  2pmAway Match 
   Mixed v Burghley Park  1pmAway Match 
  11.00am to 11.35amSociety  Denver Bell GSVisitors 
  12.00pm to 1.00pmSociety  Mr D HinesVisitors 
  1.40pm to 2.55pmAmbassadors Day General 
Sat13 SLGL A Team v Sleaford  1pmAway Match 
  11.15am to 12.15pmLadies Past Captains  Q/CClub Comp. 
  1.00pm to 2.00pmSLGL B Team v Sleaford Home Match 
  2.00pm to 2.30pmSociety   National Grid GSVisitors 
Sun148.00am to 4.30pmHeadline EventGents Summer Open QC  36 Hole MedalOpen Comp. 
Mon159.30am to 10.30amSeniors v Luffenham Home Match 
  12.00pm to 1.00pmSociety   Misnomer GSVisitors 
Tue16 Tuesday Summer Series #4 QC  18S 28/36 H/capOpen Comp. 
Wed17 Seniors v Newark  9amAway Match 
  9.00amJunior Lincs League at South Kyme Away Match 
  1.30pm to 2.00pmLadies Handicap League v Belton Woods Home Match 
Thu183.00pm to 4.15pmCounty Junior Super Sixes Competition Home Match 
Fri1910.10am to 12.00pmSociety   Royston GC Captains Away DayVisitors 
  1.15pm to 1.45pmSociety   Fritz Follies GSVisitors 
Sat20 Saturday Stableford QC/MT  18S 54 H/cap 2 DivsClub Comp. 
   SLGL A Team v Burghley Park  1pmAway Match 
   Social Team v Thorley Lakes Away Match 
  10.00am to 10.50amBurroughs Crystal Club Comp. 
  12.35pm to 1.20pmSociety   Dogleg GSVisitors 
Sun21 LUGC Bramley Trophy   FinalsGeneral 
   Pearce Pot  18S 54 H/cap 2 Divs Club Comp. 
  1.00pm to 2.10pmSociety  Hayloft GSVisitors 
  2.30pm to 5.30pmWomen on Par Event Visitors 
Mon22 Seniors v Spalding  8.45amAway Match 
  10.45am to 2.30pmHeadline EventPro60 Tour Event  Entry : https://pro60tour.co.uk/entryOpen Comp. 
Tue2310.00am to 10.30amJunior Club Championship Club Comp. 
  1.00pm to 1.45pmSociety  Millstone Barnack GSVisitors 
  1.55pm to 4.00pmJunior Fun Day General 
Wed2410.00am to 1.30pmSeniors Invitation Open Open Comp. 
Thu2510.00am to 10.30amJunior Club Championship Club Comp. 
  10.00am to 4.00pmJuniors Fun Day General 
  10.30am to 11.20amSociety  PenguinsVisitors 
  1.00pm to 1.40pmLadies v Peterborough Milton Home Match 
Fri2610.00am to 10.40amSociety  Lancaster ClubVisitors 
  10.45am to 11.30amSociety   WattsoniansVisitors 
  11.30am to 1.10pmSociety  Oakham CCVisitors 
  2.30pm to 3.30pmC Team v Spalding Home Match 
Sat27 Bank Holiday Stableford QC  18S 28/36 H/cap 2 DivsClub Comp. 
   SLGL B Team v Belton Park  1pmAway Match 
  10.00am to 11.30amLady Captains Day Club Comp. 
  1.00pm to 2.00pmSLGL A Team v Belton Park Home Match 
Sun28 Bob Cullington Memorial Trophy QC/MT  18M 28/36 H/cap 2 DivsClub Comp. 
  12.35pm to 1.00pmSociety  Mr A ButtenVisitors 
Mon299.00am to 3.30pmHeadline EventSRGC Mixed Fourball Open  18S h/cap Ladies 36, Gents 24. Online entry, see web home pageOpen Comp. 
Wed31 Ladies Stableford Club Comp. 
   Seniors Trophy QC  Round 7, Midweek StablefordClub Comp. 

Estimated golfing daylight time for today: 5:24am to 8:49pm

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