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Best 2 from 4 Stableford Results

Very poor weather for the first 2 days of this 3 day Stableford limited the field size but a total of 170 players took part with all winners coming from the Sunday groups. Congratulations to the winners and also to Stuart Addinall for his hole in one on the 17th on Saturday.

Winning scores  :-

  • 1st place nett  :  J. Creasey / D. Cresswell / P. Reynolds / J. Thorley  85 points
  • 2nd place nett  :  C. Cockerton / R. Marris / M. Swatton / S. Hudson  84 points
  • 3rd place nett  :  T. Greenfield / N. Doubleday / T. Younghusband / G. Barlow  83 points
  • 4th place nett  :  H. Stannard / D. Pennycook / S. Carter / B. Duke  82 points (back 9 c/b)
  • 5th place nett  :  J. Footitt / S. Mulvey / L. Gales / S. Buckley  82 points (back 9 c/b)

Full results can be seen here

Roger Green

Handicap & Competitions Chairman



Turkey Trot Results

Really poor conditions limited the field size to 59 and also caused some players to fail to complete their rounds resulting in some low scores. Some of you may have been expecting to get 0.1 back but of course WHS doesn't work like that!!

The succulent Turkeys & Hams were won by

  • D1 Turkey Winner  :  Tom Greenfield  36 points  playing off 10
  • D1 Ham Winner  :  Antony Dawson  35 points  playing off 9
  • D2 Turkey Winner  :  Peter Smith  36 points  playing off 14
  • D2 Ham Winner  :  Jake Gibbons  34 points  playing off 24

Full results can be seen here

The 2s club was shared by 5 players, each winning £11.80.

If the Winter League has to be cancelled this Friday/Saturday/Sunday due to ongoing Tier differentials an Individual Stableford (NQC) will be run over Saturday & Sunday. The website diary will be updated as soon as information is announced (expected Wednesday).

Roger Green

Handicap & Competitions Chairman

3 Club Competition Results

Finally managed to get another competition played, although as this was a 3 club competition it couldn't be used as a qualifier for handicapping purposes. There were 36 entries, quite a few NR's from that field so possibly the weather was rather worse at the club than where I live?

Winning scores :-

  • Overall winner  :  Phil White  35 points  playing off 15
  • Best gross  :  Jeff Purdy  26 points
  • Division #1 (16 players)
    • 1st place nett  :  Bert Tregidgo  31 points (back 9 c/b)  playing off 12
    • 2nd place nett  :  Jeff Purdy  31 points  playing off 5
    • 3rd place nett  :  Roger Rawson  30 points (back 9 c/b)  playing off 6
  • Division #2 (16 players)
    • 1st place nett  :  Phil White  35 points  playing off 15
    • 2nd place nett  :  Mike Catlin  34 points  playing off 13
    • 3rd place nett  :  Andrew Green  33 points  playing off 13

Full results can be seen here

The 2s club was lucrative with only 2 winners sharing the £36 pot.

Tomorrow we have the annual Turkey Trot, this will be played as a qualifier for handicapping purposes, 1st prize in each division is a fresh turkey, 2nd prize in each division a fresh ham, all prizes will be brought up to the club a few days before XMAS.

Next weekend, we may be able to start the Gents Winter League but this is fully dependent on tier restrictions being removed for all members by Saturday 19th at latest. Final decision to be made after HMG announcements on Wednesday, if no Winter League is possible I'll run an alternate competition on at least one of the days.

Roger Green

Handicap & Competitions Chairman


December 200 Club Draw

Friday 4th December the last 200 club was drawn at the club, the Big One. In attendance was the Vice Captain Darrell Knight, the Lady Captain Mags McArthur and her husband Jim who is on the Social Committee, the Steward & Stewardess Cris & Lis.

Two of last months winners are again in the four prizes.

1st £1000.00 159 Angus Dow

2nd £400.00 184 Rod Rawson

3rd £200.00 113 Rachel Jones

Snowball £400.00 118 Richard Baker

I would like to thank all the members that have taken part in this years 200 club and look forward to you all rejoining next year.

Merry Christmas and keep safe

Roger Smith [House Chairman]

November 200 Club Draw

Club Captain James Footitt, Neil Southwell, Cris & Myself did the draw this morning for the above.

The results were

1st. Number 113 Rachel Jones £400.00

2nd.        124 Andrew Edwards £200.00

3rd.          173 Rod Rawson £100.00

Snowball   154    Jeff Purdy £200.00

Many Thanks

Roger Smith

House Chairman

Coronation Cup Results

A typical autumnal day with reasonable weather and medium strength winds for the last Gents competition of the regular season saw 89 players competing for the Coronation Cup. Often in a Par-Bogey the course seems to triumph with few players coming in with "+" figures. but last Sunday 14 players beat the course and a back 9 countback between the two Divisions was needed to find the trophy winner, Chris Cockerton.

I must commend Gareth & his team for all their amazing efforts throughout 2020, our course has never looked so good and played as consistently well as it has done since we restarted golf after lockdown. Their work is never complete, the autumn leaves need collecting now along with tee, fairway & greens maintenance activities in preparation for no doubt heavy traffic throughout the winter. Please give them a smile and a wave as they pass and never endanger them if they are working near where your ball may land. Thank you!!

Winning scores :-

  • Overall winner  :  Chris Cockerton  +4 (back 9 c/b)  playing off 14
  • Best gross  :  Adam Footitt  +3
  • Division #1 (53 players)
    • 1st place nett  :  Adam Footitt  +4  playing off 1
    • 2nd place nett  :  Don Pennycook  +3 (back 9 c/b)  playing off 7
    • 3rd place nett  :  Paul Knapp  +3  playing off 6
  • Division #2 (36 players)
    • 1st place nett  :  Chris Cockerton  +4 (back 9 c/b)  playing off 14
    • 2nd place nett  :  Dale South  +4  playing off 17
    • 3rd place nett  :  Peter Smith  +3  playing off 15

Full results can be seen here

The 2s club was shared by 18 players but Steve Greenfield & Paul Knapp both had a pair of 2s so the pot was split into 20 shares each worth £4.40.

Roger Green

Handicap & Competitions Chairman

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