Gents Winter Competition Round #8 Results

Very poor weather over the whole weekend, only 4 pairs played on Saturday and the course was closed on Sunday.

Under the Winter Competition rules the round is null & void with no points awarded towards the aggregate standings, but vouchers are issued as usual to the top 4 places, these have been added to your Competition Wallets.

Winning scores :-

  • 1st place nett  :  Brian Ayto & Mick Abbott  37 points (back 9 c/b)
  • 2nd place nett  :  Paul Knapp & James Footitt  37 points
  • 3rd place nett  :  Steve McEwan & Phil White  33 points (back 9 c/b)
  • 4th place nett  :  Simon Mulvey & Dave Bostock  33 points

Full results are here

With 1 round cancelled and 7/8 rounds completed, as per the Winter Competition rules the best 5 scores from those 7 rounds are used to determine the pairs going through to the knockout stages, the draw for that can be seen here along with dates for each round to be played.

Roger Green

Handicap & Competitions Chairman