Hamilton, Middleman & Bland Cups AMENDED Results

General Club Noticeboard : Hamilton, Middleman & Bland Cups AMENDED Results


Two days after the competition was closed Jeff Purdy rang me and asked to be disqualified from the Hamilton Cup. The circumstances were that his drive on 16 was in the long rough on the right, he found a ball with the exact same numbering and marking as the ball he was playing and continued to play, finishing with a 67 nett. However, thinking about the circumstances a day or two later, he remembered that a couple of days earlier he lost a ball with the exact same numbering and marking in the same stretch of rough, and he was concerned he MAY, note MAY, have played the ball he'd lost a few days earlier. Jeff is to be highly commended for his actions in asking to be disqualified on the POSSIBILITY he may have played the wrong ball, and I ask that all members should ensure they follow his example in future. Thank you Jeff!!

Sixty four players split into 3 divisions to play for the Hamilton, Middleman & Bland Cups, a medal competition played in blustery conditions on our course that was looking and playing at it's absolute finest.

Some may think it's a shame that today sees the start of the end of summer course maintenance as Gareth and his amazing team have done such a first class job throughout the year, but rest assured that it's vital to do this and the coring and top dressing of all greens over the next 48-72 hours will bring even better conditions in future, so a few days minor inconvenience now is a small price to pay for the ongoing long term improvement in playability. Fabulous job guys, well done!!

Winning scores :-

  • Hamilton Cup (0 - 9 handicaps) (19 players)
    • 1st place nett  :  Paul Knapp  73 - 5  =  68
    • 2nd place nett  :  Niall Doubleday  73 - 4  =  69 (back 6 c/b)
    • 3rd place nett  :  Keith Helstrip  78 - 9  =  69
  • Middleman Cup (10 - 18 handicaps) (37 players)
    • 1st place nett  :  Martin Gales  80 - 14  =  66
    • 2nd place nett  :  Max Braime  85 - 16  =  69
    • 3rd place nett  :  Brian Ayto  80 - 10  =  70
  • Bland Cup (19 - 28 handicaps) (8 players)
    • 1st place nett  :  Barrie Griffin  92 - 20  =  72
    • 2nd place nett  :  Pete Colley  92 - 19  =  73
    • 3rd place nett  :  Stephen Boles  96 - 19  =  77

Full results can be seen here

The 2s club operated as normal across the whole field, 8 players sharing £58 and receiving £7.25 each which has already been credited to your wallet.

Roger Green

Handicap & Competitions Chairman

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