Juniors Welcome

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2021 Captain : Matt Brewill


 Junior Organisers: Avis Griffin, Rod Rawson

The Stoke Rochford Junior Section is an increasingly strong facility very well organised by the Junior organisers, and coached effectively by PGA Golf Professional Angus Dow who devotes many hours to this vital part of Club membership.

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2011 Midlands Amateur Champion, Nick Watson was brought up through the Junior Section, and is now a full professional playing on the EuroPro Tour. www.nickwatsongolf.co.uk 

The club is always looking for new young members. Whether your son or daughter is looking to try out the game for the first time, or perhaps you're just looking for a new challenge, Stoke Rochford's Junior Section is without doubt the perfect place to start within a friendly and professional environment.

The Junior Fun and Annual Presentation Night will take place this year in November.