Ladies Competitions Update

The ladies season is now in full swing with the first trophy competition having taken place. 

The winners from the Winter Competitions were:

Winter Eclectics: Shelia Dugmore & Jackie Witten

Rambo Trophy: Pauline Haggerty


Chandler Bowl (Pairs Better Ball):

Winners: Pauline Haggerty & Debbie Tamblyn-Jones with 41 points 

2nd place: Lara Manton & Rachel Southwell with 37 points.


Early Birds:

Winner: Jane White with 38 points


Joy Vase (Team Competition): 

Winners: Jane White, Marion Carvath, Carol Hamilton


The Vice Captain's team won 2-1 in the annual Captain vs Vice match. 

Team matches are also under way with the first round of both Taskers & Annodata completed, as well as the first Handicap League match.

Match reports can be viewed here