Members Trolley Shed

To all members who use the Trolley Shed.

It has been 3 years since we last had an audit of who’s electric or pull trolley is being used by the members of SRGC.

A piece of paper marked with an “X” has been placed on your trolley so when you use your trolley, please take this off.

On the 30th of April all trolley’s that still have the piece of paper marked with the “X” will be removed from the trolley shed.

There are approximately 80 plus trolley’s being used by the members, the board have decided to put a racking system on the walls with a number which will be allocated to each member.

No golf bags are to be left on the trolley; this is a condition of our club’s insurance policy. You must use your locker if you have one or take your golf bag home.

When the Trolley Shed is cleaned out in May and the racking system is operational around the 16th May you will need to contact the Professional Shop who will give you a number to hang your trolley on the rack. That will then be your number, your name will be logged by the Professional Shop with that number, and you must hang the Trolley on that rack each time you leave your trolley in the trolley shed.

Any queries please contact Roger Smith 07836 387009.