Phew what a scorcher of a day it was, temperatures up to 30 degrees and very little wind. Brollies up and hats on to keep the sun off us, sun tan cream to stop the burning. Radcliffe had a very warm, literally, welcome by us all from Stoke Rochford. It was a great pleasure in having Club Captain Martin and his daughter Laura to join us in this match. Sadly Bob & Avis had to drop out due to Bob not being well, so only 5 teams went out.

Phillip and Christine decided to go out on their own first.

Jim & Mags McArthur v Ian & Val Peat won 3 & 2

Captain Martin & Laura Harvey v Eddie Fox & Carolynn Sulivan won 3 & 2

Alan & Janet Jessop v John & Susie Doran lost 3 & 2

David & Carol Hamilton v Fran & Hazel Ebling won 3 & 1

Brian & Jane White v Keith & Katie Danby won 2 & 1

Great win for Stoke 4 - 1