President's Shield Results

Everyone's favourite format (??) the Par-Bogey was in use on Sunday for the President's Shield when 91 players entered, a good turnout on a traditionally quieter Bank Holiday weekend.

I'll take the opportunity to remind players that in Par-Bogey competitions you may have "lost the hole" when you reach a nett bogey score but ideally you should play at least 1 more shot to try and complete the hole as for handicapping purposes a nett double bogey will be recorded if you don't complete the hole e.g. on the 1st for example if you receive a shot and leave your 5th shot a few inches from the hole you have now "lost the hole" but better to putt out and record a 6 as failing to do so will result in a 7 being recorded by WHS.

Winners, Prize Distribution & 2s Club :-

Full results can be seen here

Roger Green

H&C Chairman