Recent Ladies Results

Wednesday 28th July - Ladies Medal

  • 1st place nett  :  Dorne Werner  70
  • 2nd place nett  :  Sheila Dugmore  71
  • 3rd place nett  :  Pam Watson  73

Saturday 31st July - Rawson Relic

This trophy was donated by the 1978 Ladies Captain Judy Rawson, still a very regular player at SRGC of course. Each player's handicap is added to the par of 72 and once you've used all those shots you place a flag in the turf to signify how far round you reached. Interesting idea Ladies!!

  • 1st place nett  :  Rachel Jones received 100 shots and still had 8 left after completing her round
  • 2nd place nett  :  Karen Rawson with 91 shots and 3 still remaining after completing her round
  • 3rd place nett  :  Dorne Werner placed her flag in the 18th hole after using all her 87 shots