Recording of Non-Qualifying Scores - January 2017.

Recording of Non-Qualifying Scores - Guidance from England Golf

From 1st January 2017, England Golf require players to return all scores in competitive golf in Non-Qualifying Competitions away from the players home clubs, to assist handicap committees with handicap reviews. (CONGU UHS - Clause 4.5b/8.12).

England Golf has made this decision in order to promote the integrity of the system, and maintain player confidence in handicapping. A more detailed outline of the new requirement can be found by clicking on this link.

Copies of the form that members need to complete to notify the club's Handicap Committee of their scores is also available on this link. Paper copies of these forms will be made available in the clubhouse on the presentation table adjacent to the club bar.

Any completed forms should be left in the score card box near the clubhouse door where competition cards are posted. They will be collected on a regular basis by the Handicap Committee and maintained to comply with the requirements and used as necessary in relevant handicap reviews.

Please note that in accordance with the England Golf and CONGU regulations, it is the players' responsibility to return scores as required. Failure to return these scores by the player could result in loss or suspension of handicap under clause 24.1.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.