Saturday Medal Results

Seventy seven players entered the Saturday Medal, no surprise that the 1st was the hardest hole closely followed by the 14th but slightly unusually the 3rd was the easiest hole on the day. Thank you to Gareth and his team for keeping the course in such excellent condition and also to Darrell for closing the competition whilst I'm away.

Please remember it is YOUR responsibility to ensure your card is correctly completed and returned into the competition scorecard box before you leave the course, failure to do so can result in being excluded from the competion. Sometimes a day or two may elapse befor the competion is closed but other times, especially when there's a competition the following day it may be closed on the same evening as you played. No one else is responsible for tracking down your card if you fail to return it.

Winners, Prize Distribution & 2s Club info :-

Full results can be seen here

Have you entered your team for the Saturday competition on Captain's Day yet? Also don't forget the Dave Edwards Trick Shot Show late on Sunday afternoon along with the BBQ.