Temporary Local Rules in effect from Wednesday 1st July

Following R&A Guidance issued 29/06/2020, with effect from 01/07/2020 the following temporary local rules are in place :-

  • Flagsticks
    • A player may ask another player in the group to use a club (not gloved hands, towels etc) to centralise the flagstick in the hole whilst putting out
      • All players should continue to avoid touching the flagstick itself at all times by using the ball lifting devices
      • Please be careful not to damage the hole when using the ball lifting devices, some players have been seen to be rather aggressive in their extraction efforts, a gentle lift is all that is required
  • Bunkers
    • All bunkers remain in play, you may place within 6 inches not nearer the hole if you encounter a poor lie
  • Scorecards
    • Players must continue to mark their own scorecard to avoid exchanging cards
    • Minimum requirements to be entered on your card
      • Competition Name
      • Name of your marker verbally agreeing your score on each hole
      • Your Name
      • Date
      • Teeing Area used
      • Your gross score on each hole in Player A column
      • Your marker’s gross score on each hole in the marker column
        • This is mandatory and is required to allow cross checking of scores
    • Your signature
    • You may be disqualified if you submit an incomplete scorecard

All players are requested to use the HowDidIDo Mobile Score Input app to enter their scores as soon as possible after your round is complete. Please contact me if you have any difficulty in registering or using the app.

Roger Green

Handicap & Competitions Chairman