Turkey Trot Results

Really poor conditions limited the field size to 59 and also caused some players to fail to complete their rounds resulting in some low scores. Some of you may have been expecting to get 0.1 back but of course WHS doesn't work like that!!

The succulent Turkeys & Hams were won by

  • D1 Turkey Winner  :  Tom Greenfield  36 points  playing off 10
  • D1 Ham Winner  :  Antony Dawson  35 points  playing off 9
  • D2 Turkey Winner  :  Peter Smith  36 points  playing off 14
  • D2 Ham Winner  :  Jake Gibbons  34 points  playing off 24

Full results can be seen here

The 2s club was shared by 5 players, each winning £11.80.

If the Winter League has to be cancelled this Friday/Saturday/Sunday due to ongoing Tier differentials an Individual Stableford (NQC) will be run over Saturday & Sunday. The website diary will be updated as soon as information is announced (expected Wednesday).

Roger Green

Handicap & Competitions Chairman