Weekend Stableford Results

The first Gents competition since the restart of golf at SRGC got underway over the weekend with 142 entries in the Weekend Stableford (NQC), thank you to the many established and newer members for entering and, at least mostly, following the safety guidance that it's so important to adhere to. There were a couple of small infractions brought to my attention and therefore I remind you that  :-

  1. Our guidelines still state you should not arrive at the course until approx 20 mins before you are due to play, our target at busy times is to have 1 group on the 1st tee, 1 group around the putting green and practise net, 1 group outside the shop signing in before playing with only 1 player allowed inside the shop at any one time if you arrive early please wait in your vehicle
  2. The location of the box for completed scorecards will be moved to underneath the canopy near to the entrance to the Gents locker room, this will eliminate the need for members who have completed their round to go back to the Pro shop entrance and risk mingling with others waiting to move onto the course


  1. There were many scorecards returned that under normal competition conditions would  have meant disqualification, as we are all learning how the new guidelines can best be followed I will not actually disqualify anyone at this time but please take note for future reference :-
    1. Cards must be CLEARLY completed with
      1. Competition name
      2. Competition date
      3. Marker's name should be completed with the name of the person who is verifying your own score on each hole
      4. Player's name in Player A's box
      5. Player's handicap in Player A's box
      6. Tee boxes used
      7. Scores must be entered in Column A, not in the Marker column
      8. Use the Marker column to record the score of the person verbally verifying your score on each hole, this allows cross checking later
      9. At the end of the round the Player must verbally agree the total with his Marker and then the Player signs his own card, no other signature is required
    2. Please understand that I need to be able to read your scorecard to check it, the above details are mandatory to complete and to complete legibly, otherwise you face potential disqualification

The HowDidIDo Mobile Score Entry app did not work effectively, the cloud based service was down throughout most of the day and only available intermittently. Thank you to all that tried to use it on Sunday, generally you weren't doing anything wrong, it was just unavailable sadly. We desperately need this to improve in order to start Qualifying Competitions. We will try again on Wednesday with the Midweek Stableford (NQC) and probably on at least one day next weekend so watch the website diary for details, they may change at short notice.

Winning scores :-

  • Overall winner  :  Jack Rawson  44 points playing off 37 (back 9 c/b)
  • Best gross  :  Ian Braime  40 points
  • Division #1 (58 scores returned)
    • 1st place nett  :  Steve Cullington  44 points playing off 5
    • 2nd place nett  :  Ian Braime  41 points playing off 1
    • 3rd place nett  :  Craig Hallam  38 points playing off 4
  • Division #2 (75 scores returned)
    • 1st place nett  :  Jack Rawson  44 points playing off 37 (back 9 c/b)
    • 2nd place nett  :  Ollie Brewill  44 points playing off 16
    • 3rd place nett  :  Chris Cockerton  43 points playing off 21

I would normally insert a link here to the full scores listing, but as the scores have not been entered into the computer system this is not possible, sorry.

Prize vouchers are normally presented at the Captain's Open Evening, but while the clubhouse is closed and we are unable to do this these are being paid immediately into your competition wallets, I will email you separately with values.

The 2s club was entered by 139 players, 13 x 2s were recorded meaning £10.69 per share which has been paid into your competition wallets.


Roger Green

Handicap & Competitions Chairman