Winter League Round #4 Results

37 teams entered Round #4, a Texas Scramble. Apologies that the competition was incorrectly called Stableford when it should have been set up as a Medal. Having checked the cards and confirmed no pairs recorded a 0 point score on any holes we amended the format to be Medal expecting each team's handicap to then include 1 decimal place as happened under CONGU rules and also WHS rules for a 4 person team. However all team handicaps remained as whole numbers, I'm checking with Club Systems whether this is an error in their software or is actually correct for the Pairs Texas Scramble Medal format.

Also, some questions were raised about the 18th green being out of play for those that played oin Saturday. This is covered in the rules of the competion in our Competitions Handbook on the website. The Greens Staff make every effort to ensure the course does not change between the Friday, Saturday & Sunday rounds but when a change has to be made to a tee or pin position on 1 or more days this is "rub of the green" similar to a significant weather change over the 3 day period and the competition remains valid.

Continuing with various issues from this weekend, some pairs were not debited the entry fee when they were signed in, this is being investigated but in the meantime those players will be debited manually.

Winners & Prize Distribution :-

Full results can be seen here

Latest aggregate standings after 4 rounds can be seen here, note that as round #3 was abandoned in terms of accumulating points the 8 KO pairs will be determined from the best 5 from 7 rounds. If another round is lost this will become best 4 from 6 etc.