Winter League Round #6 Results & Order of Merit

Thirty five teams played in last weekend's Aggregate Stableford and with 5 rounds having now been played (1 was lost due to persistent foggy conditions) the strongest contenders for the 8 Knockout pairs are becoming clear, but certainly not finalised with 2 more rounds to play.

Apologies for the error in setting the handicap allowance to 85% rather than 95% this was only noticed on Saturday evening so approximately half of the field were under the impression they were receiving fewer shots than were eventually awarded once corrected. Normally amending the allowance part way through the competition causes all previously entered scores to be recalculated and I assumed this had happened on Saturday evening but only after the competition was originally closed on Monday did it become clear no automatic recalculation was done. This has now been amended manually. Also, as part of the correction process we checked all pairings who were affected to see if any may have recorded a zero point score on any of the holes they eventually received an extra shot on and could not find any issues.

Winners & Prize Distribution :-

Full results can be seen here

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The remaining league rounds are scheduled for the weekends of Friday 4th February & Friday 18th February, with KO rounds commencing Saturday 26th February.