Winter League Round #8 Results, Final Order of Merit & Knockout Pairings

Weather again intervened rendering the course closure on Friday and signicantly reduced entries over the weekend with many pairs failing to complete their round. Under the current rules of the competition the round is therefore nullified as far as accumulating points towards the overall leaderboard determining the 8 pairs to contest the Knockout stages. The H&C Committee will discuss ways to improve this situation in readiness for next year's competition.

Please note that as only 6 rounds were valid as far as the Order of Merit is concerned, the best 4 from 6 scores for each pairing determine the Knockout stage players.

Winners & Prize Distribution :-

Round #8 results for those that returned a card are here

Final leaderboard for the overall Order of Merit can be seen here

Draw for the Quarter finals to be played this coming weekend can be seen here :-

Good luck to all, please advise me of the score as soon as possible after playing.