September 2020
DayDate  EventCategory 
Tue1 Women's Golf Day General 
Wed2 Midweek Stableford QC  yellow / green markers 18S H/cap 54Club Comp. 
   Seniors Trophy * QC  Round 4Club Comp. 
Fri41.30pm to 2.05pmSociety Visitors 
  8.00pmHeadline EventCaptains Open Evening Social 
Sat511.30am to 12.20pmSociety Visitors 
  1.30pm to 2.30pmJim Tear Memorial Trophy  Past and Present Club Officers onlyClub Comp. 
Sun6 # Bland Cup QC  18M H/cap 16 - 28Club Comp. 
   # Hamilton Cup QC  18M H/cap up to 10 (change from previous years)Club Comp. 
   # Middleman's Cup QC  18M H/cap 11 - 15Club Comp. 
   Ladies Medal Club Comp. 
  10.30am to 11.00amSociety Visitors 
Tue8 Ladies Exchange Day with Lincoln GC Away Match 
  10.00am to 11.00amLadies Exchange Day - Lincoln GC Visitors 
Wed98.00am to 9.00amSeniors Autumn Cup QC Club Comp. 
  9.35am to 11.00amSeniors Autumn Cup QC Club Comp. 
Fri119.30am to 10.00amSociety Visitors 
  2.30pm to 3.00pmSociety Visitors 
Sat1210.00am to 10.50amLadies Alternative Trophy - Waltz Club Comp. 
  12.00pm to 12.30pmSociety Visitors 
Sun131.30pm to 2.30pmBrashaw Family Cup  18 Greensome H/cap 36Club Comp. 
Mon14  Course Maintenance WeekGeneral 
Tue15  Course Maintenance WeekGeneral 
Wed16  Course Maintenance WeekGeneral 
Thu17  Course Maintenance WeekGeneral 
   Ladies friendly v Peterborough Milton  1.30pmAway Match 
Fri18  Course Maintenance WeekGeneral 
Sun20 # Monthly Medal QC  18 M H/cap 28Club Comp. 
Mon219.00am to 12.00pmHeadline EventPGA Midland - Seniors/Trainees Strokeplay event Visitors 
Tue22 Headline EventSummer Roll Up Series Sept #4  18S 28c / 36cOpen Comp. 
  11.00am to 12.00pmSociety Visitors 
Wed23 Ladies Medal Club Comp. 
   Midweek Stableford QC  yellow / green markers 18S H/cap 54Club Comp. 
   Seniors Trophy * QC  Round 5Club Comp. 
  1.00pm to 1.35pmSociety Visitors 
Thu2412.15pm to 12.40pmSociety Visitors 
Fri2510.00am to 11.00amSociety Visitors 
  11.30am to 11.50amSociety Visitors 
Sat2610.00am to 10.50amChandler Bowl  QCClub Comp. 
  1.15pm to 2.30pmHeadline Event"A" Team Fandango / "B" Team Classic Home Match 
Sun27 # Extra Medal QC  18M H/cap 28Club Comp. 
   # Seniors Salver QC  18M H/cap 36Club Comp. 
  1.30pm to 2.00pmThistle Cup  Adult / Junior CompetitionClub Comp. 
Mon28 Ladies v Belton Woods  11amAway Match 
Tue299.40am to 11.50amSociety Visitors 
Wed308.00am to 9.00amBagshaw Bowl Club Comp. 
  9.35am to 11.00amBagshaw Bowl Club Comp. 

Estimated golfing daylight time for today: 5:13am to 9:03pm

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