September 2021
DayDate  EventCategory 
Thu2 Seniors v Peterborough Milton  8.45amAway Match 
Fri38.00pmHeadline EventCaptains Open Evening Social 
Sat41.00pm to 2.30pmJim Tear Memorial Trophy  Past and Present Club Officers onlyClub Comp. 
Sun5 # Bland Cup QC  18M H/cap 16 - 28Club Comp. 
   # Hamilton Cup QC  18M H/cap up to 10 (change from previous years)Club Comp. 
   # Middleman's Cup QC  18M H/cap 11 - 15Club Comp. 
   Ladies Medal Club Comp. 
Mon6 May be Temporary Greens  Course Maintenance WeekGeneral 
   Seniors v Lincoln  9amAway Match 
Tue7 May be Temporary Greens  Course Maintenance WeekGeneral 
Wed8 May be Temporary Greens  Course Maintenance WeekGeneral 
Thu9  Course Maintenance WeekGeneral 
Fri10  Course Maintenance WeekGeneral 
Sun12 # Extra Medal QC  18M H/cap 28Club Comp. 
   # Seniors Salver QC  18M H/cap 36Club Comp. 
Mon13 Seniors v Longcliffe  9.30amAway Match 
Wed15 Midweek Stableford QC  yellow / green markers 18S H/cap 54Club Comp. 
   Seniors Trophy * QC  Round 7, Midweek StablefordClub Comp. 
Sat18 Ladies Innocent Vase  QCClub Comp. 
  12.30pm to 2.30pmHeadline Event"A" Team Fandango / "B" Team Classic Home Match 
Sun1912.30pm to 1.30pmMixed Team v Rutland County Home Match 
  1.30pm to 2.30pmBrashaw Family Cup  18 Greensome H/cap 36Club Comp. 
Wed22 Ladies Medal Club Comp. 
  9.30am to 10.30amSeniors v Belton Park Home Match 
Fri2410.00am to 10.20amSociety Visitors 
Sat2510.45am to 12.00pmSociety Visitors 
  2.00pm to 2.50pmLadies Bring and Win  QCClub Comp. 
Sun26 # Monthly Medal QC  18 M H/cap 28Club Comp. 
  1.30pm to 2.30pmThistle Cup  Adult / Junior CompetitionClub Comp. 
Mon27 Seniors v Stanton on the Wolds  9amAway Match 
Tue28 Ladies v Belton Woods  11amAway Match 
Wed298.00am to 8.30amSeniors Autumn Cup Club Comp. 
  9.30am to 11.00amSeniors Autumn Cup Club Comp. 

Estimated golfing daylight time for today: 7:28am to 6:05pm

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